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Import window thumbnail

Import Window

StageTitles can import a plain text file in two ways: automatically using the settings in Import & Export Preferences or in a visual way with the Import window.
In the Import window you define a slide separator and line separator in the source text file on the left. On the right, you can see a live update of how the slides will be imported.

Document window thumbnail

Document Window

A StageTitles document window has 8 distinct areas.

  • A configurable toolbar to quickly access most used functions of StageTitles.
  • The Message Bar where information and messages are displayed.
  • The Bookmark List shows all bookmarks of the document in a table.
  • The Slide List shows all slides of the document in a table.
  • The Slide Editor is used to edit the text of the selected slide in the Slide List.
  • The Comments box shows supplemental information about each slide.
  • Timecode box (optional). At the bottom errors in timecodes can be displayed.
  • The Background box where color or image of a slide can be selected.

Options window thumbnail

Options Window

The Options window is a very important place to configure the way the StageTitles document will be shown in the Projector, how slides will advance, and other special features.

Projector on Top Thumbnail

Projector on Top

SplitScreen feature with the Projector showing above the document window on the same display. The menubar is moved in between the Projector and the document window.

Projector at bottom thumbnail

Projector at Bottom

SplitScreen feature with the Projector showing beneath the document window on the same display.

Fullscreen projector thumbnail

Fullscreen Projector

Projector shown in fullscreen mode on the main or other display. You have full control over the size and position of the text.

Video overlay thumbnail

Transparent Projector video overlay

Projector with transparent background option selected. Use it to show subtitles on top of another application, playing a movie or presenting other kinds of information.

Projector commander thumbnail


The Projector Commander is shown over the Message Bar when the Projector is active. It contains all buttons necessary to "navigate" the Projector. Every button has a key-equivalent so you can use the keyboard in case your Projector setup does not show the document window with the Commander.
Set the Commander background to gray or more striking red in the Preferences.





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