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Welcome to StageTitles

StageTitles is used to create slides for subtitles, supertitles or other kinds of simple presentations and view them on your display, a separate monitor, television or projector. Thousands of slides can be handled by StageTitles in a fast and easy way.

With a variety of options the slides can be played manually or automatically (timecodes, fixed or variable time) on the display, called the Projector. StageTitles can also be used for typing real time titles at live events with 4 different modes.

Areas of application

StageTitles was especially designed for use in theater, opera, performing arts, presentations, speeches, billboards, digital information displays, live events, interviews, news coverage...

Advantages of StageTitles

StageTitles makes projection of subtitles or supertitles accessible and affordable to all, with limited hardware requirements. It can be used in theaters, opera, live performances or any place where projection of simple textual presentations are needed.

It has been developed in association with theaters and according to their needs. In fact, development never stops, and a lot of new and unique features will be coming in future releases.

StageTitles has been tested with a document of more than 20.000 slides (yes, you read correctly: twenty thousand). Try to do that with a conventional presentation application.

For more information about StageTitles, see Features and Screenshots.
Go to Support for System Requirements and to download the latest version and Free Demo.